Air Quality Monitoring
and Forecasting in China

AMFIC addresses atmospheric environmental monitoring over China. It consists of an integrated information system for monitoring and forecasting tropospheric pollutants over China. The system uses satellite and in situ air quality measurements and modelling to generate consistent air quality information over China. The data covers the recent years and the actual situation including an air quality forecast for several days ahead. Air pollutants covered are ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2), formaldehyde (HCHO), carbon monoxide (CO), methane (CH4) and aerosol/particulate matter.

Project description
Detail project description, background, and participants.
  Air quality forecast
Bulletin containing a two-day forecast of air pollutants for the major Chinese urban areas, bilingual.
Satellite data
Near real time images and archive of satellite data of NO2, SO2, AAI and cloud fraction.
  Web data base
Spatially and temporally homogenized data of CH4, CO, SO2 and NO2. Data can be downloaded as graphic and in ASCII.
Overpass files of satellite retrievals for Chinese and other cities for validation purposes.
Overview of scientific publications related to the AMFIC project.
Links and news
Links and news related to the AMFIC project.

KNMI Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute   IAP Institute of Atmospheric Physics   NSMC National Satellite Meteorological Center   BIRA-IASB Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy   FMI Finnish Meteorological Institute   VITO Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek   IUP Institute for Environmental Physics   Democritus University of Thrace   NOA National Observatory of Athens   LAP-AUTH Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics   TUe Eindhoven University of Technology

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